Nugget 4 Way Sheep

Nugget 4 Way Sheep


20kg Mollassed Mineral & Vitamin Block

  • A top class mineral bucket for all lamb, hoggets, ewes and rams.
  • Contains high levels of all essential minerals & vitamins
  • Contains maximum permitted levels of Zinc to promote harder hooves, healthier feet and reduced lameness.

Reasons to use Nugget 4 Way Sheep Block

  • Delivers high levels of 4 different forms of Zinc to cater for the wide variety of nutrient interactions that can occur in different soils and forages. These interactions often supress the uptake of vital minerals such as zinc.
  • Such high levels of Zinc will help harden your sheep’s hooves, improve overall hoof health and reduce the incidence of lameness in your flock.
  • The inclusion of high levels of Cobalt is designed to reduce ‘summer stop’ in lambs, ie the all too common reduction in lamb thrive in mid-summer due to cobalt deficiency. Just 2.5g per head per day of this bucket will supply the recommended 1mg of Cobalt that will prevent summer stop in most cases.
  • The increased levels of Selenium & Vitamin E are extremely beneficial in terms of disease prevention & avoidance of white muscle disease (Muscular Dystrophy).