Terra Range

What is PSI362 (Terra)?

  • PSI362 (Terra) is a bio-stimulant that supports the plant to increase Nitrogen uptake, utilisation and transportation through the plant. 

  • The increased level of nitrate supplied to the plant results in higher levels of amino acids and in turn increased chlorophyll.

  • Chlorophyll is required for photosynthesis and in turn helps the plant produce greater levels of herbage mass.

  • We can achieve the same growth by applying 20-25% less fertiliser, increasing Nitrogen Use Efficiency.

  • Draft NAP proposals for 2022-25 suggest a 10% reduction in Nitrogen will be applied on farm.

  • Target’s Terra Fertiliser Range is a simple and effective strategy to achieve this without interfering with your current farming practices.

  • Peer reviewed, scientific publications accepted for both grass and barley trials, and submitted for work on wheat.



Raw material is matched in particle size, density and shape which allow you achieve a consistent and even spread of any pattern. This has helped Target fertilisers to gain a reputation as one of the best for spreading at wide widths.


Target fertilisers deal only with like-minded suppliers that pay particular attention to having top quality raw materials.


Accuracy of blending, screening and dust extraction are all part of the most modern fertiliser plant in the country in Belview to ensure Target fertilisers are premium quality.