Wonder Thrive with Gut Guard


Wonder Thrive with Gut Guard is Grennans number 1 once-a-day calf milk replacer. It can also be fed twice per day. It’s a whey based milk replacer with a high level of SKIM. It’s 23% Crude Protein and 17% oil. Contains high levels of vitamins and minerals to boost immunity, also contains a high level of probiotic to boost GUT health. This is the exact same high quality product in terms of ingredients, nutrient spec and recommended feeding levels, as Wonder Thrive Calf Milk Replacer with the addition of the completely natural tannin based Gut Guard additive.

What is Gut Guard? 

Gut Guard is a completely natural feed additive that has been found to deliver dramatic health benefits to calves.

What does it do?
• It strengthens the gut wall by tightening the junctions between cell walls, preventing leaky gut.
• Prevents pathogens such as Coccidiosis, Cryptosporidium, Clostridia and E.coli attaching to the gut wall and gaining an infectious foot hold.
• Promotes good bacteria and in doing so it naturally creates more room and a better environment for beneficial bugs.
• Where and when pathogen bugs do gain an infectious foot hold and cause scour, Gut Guard always reduces the duration and severity of these scours.