Wonder Thrive Calf Milk Replacer (20kg)


  • If you want trouble free calf rearing, then this is the product for you
  • Premium quality whey based milk replacer designed to deliver excellent thrive and health status in calves.
  • Made from carefully selected milk solids to maximise digestibility and overall nutritional value.
  • Delivers high levels of disease prevention
  • Highly Palatable – calves simply love the taste of Wonderthrive. Calves that are on either whole milk or other milk replacer switch over to Wonderthrive without any hesitation.
  • Ideally suited for manual and automatic feeding systems
  • Delivers elevated levels of antibodies
  • Contains raised levels of Selenium & Vitamin E – vital for development of calf’s immune system.
  • Yoghurt enriched to ensure optimal gut health
  • Contains Organic Acids – keeps milk fresh for 24 hours after mixing & also helps the calf control a range of gut pathogens.
  • Suitable for feeding in Once-A-Day Systems.