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The Mosquito​ Battery Fencer from Wolsely is a versatile and easy to use battery electric fencer suitable for use in small to medium areas and is ideal for strip grazing. The fencer can be powered by either a 6v dry alkaline battery, 9v dry alkaline battery or by a 12v wet battery (battery is not included) The Mosquito​ Battery Fencer is simple to set up and is suitable for use with cattle, sheep, goats and horses. 

Specifications of the Mosquito Battery Fencer

Peak Voltage
Output Joules
Maximum Distance Km
Maximum Area Acres
Maximum Area Hectares

Applications and uses for the Mosquito Battery Fencer

Cattle: Cattle are easily fenced with little or no problems. Dairy cows that are accustomed to electric fences can normally be strip grazed with a single strand of polywire or tape.
Sheep and Goats: Sheep and goats have longer hair than other livestock, this hair acts as an insulator against the electric fence. This situation is easily resolved by using a stronger power outage than is needed with other livestock.
Horses: Even though horses can be livelier and more energetic than cattle, they are just as easy to contain. The containment of an electric fence provides safety and security for the animal. It is recommended that tape be used for fencing instead of wire to make the boundaries clearly visible for the animals.
Pigs:Tape is also recommended for good visibility when containing pigs. Distance between the fence lines and number of fence lines are important factors though when containing pigs.  

Main Features of Mosquito Battery Fencer

  • Powered by either dry or wet batteries
  • Powered by any 12v wet battery
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to maintain
  • Covers small to medium areas
  • ​Ideal for strip grazing
  • Suitable for use with Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Horses and Pigs

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