Rumen Boost Dairy

Rumen Boost Dairy


This is a well proven unique blend of essential minerals & vitamins, live yeast (Yeassac) and AcidBuf designed to improve rumen function and drive up intakes. All the essential minerals & vitamins associated with the high demands of lactation are catered for in this pack.

Yeast has been proven through many trials to improve Feed Conversion Efficiency by at least 10%. AcidBuf provides a slow release and long term buffering effect in ruminant diets. This will stabilise the rumen pH and combat digestive upsets caused by intensive feeding and/or lush spring grass.

It also contains Sel-plex, and Bio-plex Copper & Zinc which are important minerals associated with fertility.

Biotin is included to improve hoof health.

Magnesium is included in our feeds separately to the mineral in the form of Calmag. Magnesium helps to reduce the incidence of Grass Tetany. Cows cannot store Magnesium in their body so it must be made available to them every day in the form of a nut or through the water system.