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Introducing the Rolly John Deere Farmtrac Premium II 7310R with Loader, an extraordinary ride-on tractor designed for young adventurers aged 3 to 8 years. Packed with features and built to deliver an exceptional playtime experience, this tractor guarantees endless hours of farming fun.

Featuring a length and height adjustable seat, this tractor ensures a comfortable and customizable riding experience as your child grows. The rollyTrac Loader adds an exciting dimension to playtime, allowing children to simulate real farming tasks with ease. The front loader can be effortlessly attached and detached, providing endless possibilities for imaginative play.

Safety is paramount, and this tractor includes a robust rollover bar for added protection during play. The hood can be opened, revealing a convenient storage space underneath, perfect for stashing tools, toys, or other treasures.

Equipped with a frontweight and front- and rear coupling, this tractor allows children to tow compatible accessories, adding versatility to their play scenarios. The optimized turning circle, combined with reliable stub axle steering, ensures excellent maneuverability, even in tight spaces.

Designed for quiet operation, the low-noise wheel tread band minimizes noise disturbance, allowing for uninterrupted playtime. The adjustable chain tension and protected chain drive ensure a smooth and secure ride. A sturdy steering rod provides precise control over the tractor's movements.

The Rolly John Deere Farmtrac Premium II offers endless possibilities for imaginative play. Functional accessories can be added, expanding playtime adventures and allowing children to customize their tractor to suit their farming dreams.

Built to withstand active play, this durable tractor is made to last and will accompany your child through countless playtime adventures. The iconic John Deere design, combined with attention to detail, creates a realistic and engaging play experience.

Ignite your child's imagination and introduce them to the exciting world of farming with the Rolly John Deere Farmtrac Premium II John Deere 7310R with Loader. Prepare for endless hours of outdoor fun, growth, and creativity as they embark on thrilling farm-themed adventures!

  • Age: Age: 3 - 8 years
  • length and height adjustable seat
  • incl. rollyTrac Lader
  • front loader easily to be attached
  • front loader easily removable
  • rollover bar
  • hood can be opened
  • storage place under the hood
  • frontweight
  • front- and rear coupling
  • optimized turning circle by stub axle steering
  • low-noise wheel tread band
  • adjustable chain tension
  • protected chain drive
  • sturdy steering rod
  • functional accessories can be added




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