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This LED Magnetic Lighting Set has a voltage of 12V. It comes from our reputable and reliable Genfitt range of products. The LED Magnetic Lighting Set from Genfitt boasts brake function, indicator function, tail function, and number plate function. It is pre-wired with a 7.5m cable and a male 7 pin plug. 

Genfitt's LED Magnetic Lighting Set is an EU approved light cluster. It is appropriate for all types of agricultural machinery and trailers. This product is easily interchangeable. Customers should note that the metal plates should be fitted if used on either wooden or aluminium structures. 

Key reasons to use the LED Magnetic Lighting Set from Genfitt:

Genfitt: Comes from the reputable and reliable Genfitt range of products

4 Functions: Boasts brake function, indicator function, tail function and number plate function

EU approved: This product is EU approved

Versatility: Suitable for general use on farm machinery and trailers

Key features of the LED Magnetic Lighting Set:

  • 12 Volts
  • 7.5m cable and male 7 pin plug
  • 4 functions
  • LED Magnetic

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