Grennan Fertility Booster

Grennan Fertility Booster


This unique combination of Vitamins & Minerals some of which are protected is specifically targeted at lactating cows in the lead up to breeding.  It is included in all of our top range Spring/Summer Nuts as standard. Protected minerals are included to ensure maximum availability of minerals to the animal. Protected minerals have been shown in trials by UCD to:

  • Increase conception rate
  • Decrease days to first service
  • Decrease somatic cell count by 35%
  • Improve hoof strength resulting in less lameness

Biotin is included to improve hoof strength. Magnesium is included in our feeds separately to the mineral in the form of Calmag. Magnesium helps to reduce the incidence of Grass Tetany. Cows cannot store Magnesium in their body for any more than 4 hours so must be made available to them every day in the form of a nut or through the water system.