Green Dairy Paper

Green Dairy Paper


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The Dairy Paper Rolls are a simple but effective way of maintaining pre-milking hygiene in your milking parlour. The Dairy paper rolls are ideal for wiping down teats to remove mud and dirt before attaching clusters.

These paper rolls are durable and absorbent. They can be used for many other clean up jobs around the farm.


Benefits of paper rolls in the parlour:

  1. Hygiene: Individual sheets are ideal for cleaning teats individually to prevent cross contamination, 
  2. Disposable: Each sheet should be disposed once contaminated.
  3. High Strength When Wet: Dairy paper rolls are soft and durable when dry but are also strong and hold together when wet.
  4. High Quality: Dairy paper rolls are strong, thick and more absorbent than the blue 2ply paper rolls
  5. Versatile: Dairy paper can be used to clean teats of cattle, and for many other tasks around the farm.

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