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The Electro Drive Through Electric Fence Gate is the ideal solution for containing livestock around unfenced farm access roads and driveways. Electro Drive Through Electric Fence Gate allows cars, tractors, and pedestrians access through an electric fence using insulated hand-grips to push through the fence without wasting time getting in and out of the machine or spending time opening and closing gaps. Electro Drive Through Electric Fence Gate works by utilising flexible fibre glass rods on springs to bring the gate back into place after you've passed through, maintaining the electric connection in the fence. It offers a cost effective substitute for a cattle grid.


Features of the Electro Drive Through Electric Fence Gate

  • Link to existing electric fencing system
  • Operate separately from a battery or mains energise
  • Designed to give long and trouble free service in tough farm conditions
  • Flexible glass fibre rods are covered in electrically conductive rubber
  • Insulated handgrips provided for pedestrian access
  • Standard insulation of motor vehicles protects drivers from shocks
  • Streamer kit available to give further protection for smaller animals
  • Soft tip kit can improve vehicle protection or repair damaged gate tips
  • A standard unit is supplied as a complete kit including rods, brackets, ground cable and warning sign
  • Opens in both directions and self-closing behind
  • Lockable in open position

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