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  • Fence up to 10 acres (1.6Km)
  • Takes 1 x 1 Meter earth bars.
  • Suitable for horses, dogs and chickens
  • Suitable for strip grazing.
  • Cheetah M15 Mains Fencer

    Ideal for Strip Grazing, Silage Barrier, Gardens, Kennels and small areas.

    Capable of electric fencing 10 acres.

    A small sized mains fencer perfect for horses, dogs & chickens.


    Suitable for 200 acres used for large farm boundaries.
    Used for fencing sheep and bulls.
    230v input.


    • Covers an area of 50 acres (11km)
    • 2.5 output joules
    • Can be used to power single line fencing up to 11km
    • Ideal for powering fencing for cattle, sheep, horses pigs and goats
    • 230v mains

    The Cheetah E2 Mains Fencer is an ideal agricultural mains fencer, covering an area of up to 50 acres (11km). The fencer boasts 2.5 output joules and is suitable for use with single line fencing anywhere up to 11km. This fencer is commonly used to power fencing for cattle, sheep, horses, pigs and goats. This Cheetah E2 fencer is the first choice for average sized cattle farms.


    • Fence up to 300 acres (145Km)
    • Takes 6 x 1 Meter earth bars.
    • Overcomes large quantities of vegetation.
    • Suitable for bulls, sheep and large boundaries.
    • Irish Made.


    Cheetah Super Mains Fencer

    Ideal for use on medium size dairy farms

    Capable of electric fencing 100 acres. A medium sized mains fencer perfect for horses, cattle & sheep . Different output levels for voltage power.


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