4ft Plastic Trough

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4’ - 45 litre Plastic Hanging Feed Trough

This type of plastic animal feeder has adopted the most advanced production technology. It is manufactured from polypropylene (PP) and has been specially developed for livestock feeding. What makes this trough bettter than anything on the market is the method of production. The trough is injection moulded under immense pressure, this is what gives the strength to the trough and allows the design to be compact with easy to clean edges. This material is best known for being resistant to damage; including impact and freezing. It is also resistant to fatigue and corrosion. These charictaristics all result in a ‘tough and long lasting trough’. The material used along with the design implemented leave this trough very easily cleaned stopping the spread of disease.

Dimensions: 120X32X18cm
Weight: 6kg

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