4 Way Copper

4 Way Copper


20kg Mollassed Mineral & Vitamin Block


  • Maximum permitted levels of Copper.
  • High levels of all essential minerals and vitamins.
  • Four different forms of Copper present.
  • 40% protected copper.


  • Contains very high levels of Copper. Do NOT feed to sheep or equine species.
  • Contains high levels of Selenium. Do NOT feed in areas which have soils high in Selenium.

4 Good Reasons to use 4 Way Copper Block

  • The bucket is unique, because it delivers high levels of four different forms of Copper. We have found that different forms of supplemental Copper have had different results from farm to farm so it makes sense to cover all farm situations.
  • In addition, 40% of the total Copper in this bucket is Protected Copper. This means it will not be mopped up in high Molybdenum situations and will remain available to the animal.
  • Total Copper content is set at the maximum level allowable i.e. 3500 mg/kg. The high level is very important because in many situations it is simply a question of having sufficient quantities in the diet.
  • We are not aware of any other mineral bucket to date currently available on the Irish market with such high Copper levels and we are seeing tremendous results with this bucket to date.