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Wonder-Wal Beech Leaf Artificial Trellis comes expandable panels. Each trellis is made with natural willow and with P.E. material foliage. Long-lasting and easy to install. For all the wonder without the work. Effort free gardening. Creates privacy and hides unsightly areas.

Once it’s up put your feet up and relax, no pruning, no weeding, no dead leaves. Become an Instant Gardener!

  • Natural garden trellis
  • Decorative and easy to install
  • Made from responsibly sourced natural willow
  • Artificial hedging can turn your contemporary urban space into a luscious green haven.
  • Adding personality and vibrance to your home, without any maintenance required.
  • Weather Resistant Construction: Real willow trellis with P.E. foliage
  • Perfect for screening or covering walls/fences.
  • Maintenance free
  • Long lasting and easy to install.

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