10 Teat Reservoir Calf Feeder - EazyFlow Teats JFC

10 Teat Reservoir Calf Feeder - EazyFlow Teats JFC

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The JFC Six Teat  Reservoir Calf Feeder is fitted with an inverted or non-return valve teat to deliver milk by gravity feed. The teats stimulate natural sucking action which allows milk to be administered to the calf at a most favourable rate. Each feeder is fitted with two solid hooks for mounting on a standard gate or fence making them extremely flexible for use around the farm. The feeder is ideal for use with the JFC Calf Hutch Systems. For sanitation purposes the feeder is designed with minimum openings making them easy to clean. When not in use they can be stored upside down which aids draining and drying. They can be nested for easy storage and transport. Available as reservoir or compartment feeders. The JFC Six Teat  Reservoir Calf Feeder provides an efficient method of supplying milk to a calf. It can be fitted with either a Starter or EazyFlow teat. It is fitted with two plastic hooks to provide extra security. 

Features of the JFC Six Teat  Reservoir Calf Feeder

  • Non return valve
  • Stimulate natural sucking
  • Two solid hooks
  • Efficient method of supplying milk to a calf
  • It is an effective way of delivering milk to several calves simultaneously
  • Can be fitted with Starter or EazyFlow teats
  •  50L/11 GalGal Capacity
  • 914 x 508 x 302mm

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