EazyFlow Calf Teat (Black)

Regular price€5.95
  • Fitted with a non-return valve preventing milk from flowing back into the feeder ensuring optimum delivery to the calf
  • Manufactured from natural rubber with a soft texture, but durable.
  • Pull-through teat can be used on any feeder with a 22mm opening
  • Removed and replaced quickly and with ease


The JFC EazyFlow teat is specifically designed to replicate the natural sucking action of a calf on the udder. Drinking from a teat helps the calf satisfy its urge to suckle. The teat is fitted with a non-return valve to prevent milk from flowing back into the feeder, while openings on each side encourage the calf to correctly place the teat in its mouth thereby reducing leakage. It is manufactured from natural rubber and has a soft texture.


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