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Cobalt B12 from Natural Stockcare is a highly concentrated liquid supplement for the nutritional maintanance of healthy animals. It contains the essential trace elements cobalt, selenium and vitamin B12 and is suitable for both cattle and sheep. It helps to promote healthy rumen function in cattle and sheep. Cobalt B12 can help to increase productivity and profitability as a deficinecy in cobalt/vitamin B12 can cause problems such as,

  • reduced growth rates, particularly in young animals
  • low lambing percentages and low birth weights 
  • decreased fertility 
  • high mortality rates in severe cases
  • poor feed utilisation

Dosage Rate: 

  • Lambs         = 2.5ml
  • Ewes           =    5ml
  • Calves         =    5ml
  • Adult Cattle =   20ml

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