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Cobalt 12 Guard High + is a slow release multi vitamin and trace element pellet for lambs and ewes. Cobalt 12 Guard High + contains cobalt, copper, selenium, iodine and a range of essential vitamins that promote growth and thrive in lambs.

What does each pellet of Cobalt 12 Guard High + contain

Contents Per Pellet
Element Amount Per Pellet
Cobalt Acetate 150 mg
Sodium Selenite 2.5 mg
Copper E.D.T.A 80 mg
Potassium Iodine 50 mg
Vitamin A 100000 i.u
Vitamin D3 10000 i.u
Vitamin E  10 i.u
Vitamin B12 300 mcg
Vitamin B1 20 mg


Dosage information

Cobalt 12 Guard High + is given at at a rate of a single pellet per lambs over 5 weeks old and 2 pellets for ewes. Dosage can be repeated every 6 to 8 weeks if necessary.

Cobalt 12 Guard High + are to be administered orally with a balling gun or using the included rubber applicator. Each pack contains a rubber dosing applicator. Simply slide over the nozzle of a standard automatic dosing gun. Place pellet in opposite end of the attachment. As the Ewe or Lamb is dosed (water or wormer) the liquid will force the pellet out simultaneously.

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